Saturday, March 30, 2013

My thought about ABORTION~

Today I want to share with you my thought regarding this..ABORTION~

 In medical terms, 
ABORTION is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus. This procedure is done by a licensed health care professional.


As a woman.. I'm know what is the feeling when your BF asking for your virginity. But before doing it,think carefully,it is worth for you to give your precious crown to him? Think about the outcome,good and bad one..the effect on yourself,your relationship,himself and your family.

Most of the woman not willing to do it. They never realized that when the sperm and ovum combine,the love towards the child is started growing. Each day growing stronger and stronger.  But when the child came out to this world,the mother (single)  often afraid of the presence of the child. They making their decision to abandon the child.

For me,a child is an angel..a light to our world..our life..
They are so naive.they don't know anything..
Their innocent smile always remind me that we (grown up) are so much stress..we should  always stay like a baby...
As for me.I strongly against ABORTION..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Just 2 days ago,It was my 1st anniversary with him..
We have been together for a year..
In a year,that's a lot of things happen to us,
Up & Down..
Good & Bad...
Happy & Sad...
First time I saw him,It was at JPN Tawau..
There a lot of people was inside that big room..
But since I stepped into that room..
My eyes sets on him..
I don't realize that from that very moment,
My heart was fallen for him..
Denying keep happen to me during the process knowing him as friend..
Until that incident,I realize I could not lose him..
I cant afford to lose him..
I fall in love with this guy..
I wish I could hold his hands forever...
Although sometimes he will act childishly,King control...
Over protective...
I know everything that he do is to protect me and love me...
I feel very blessed having him as my BF...
May God bless my relationship with him...
TQ so much for loving me as what I am..
I know Im not beatiful or cute like other girls out there..
I know Im too sensitive and sometime Im just too harsh on you...
But you still there..
TQ for loving me and Joanna...
I promise I wouldn't let you go again unless You push me away... 

Your GF....Laura Cho

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wordless Friday:My Life

Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Problem?

Im stuck when I saw u..
I want to move on,leave u behind,
And get a better future for me..
But.............Im stuck..

This feeling torture me,
Im suffering....
After all consideration....
Im thinking 2 give us 2 weeks time...

After 2 weeks,
If the problem does not solve yet..
No matter how great the pain is,
I will move on...
To a brighter future...

Last chance~ 4 u my dear~
The last time for u to make up ur mind..

This happen to me n her..All because of your selfishness..
You know this will hurt both of us..
Yet u doing it...

Hoping u will read this post *cross my finger*

After what u have done to me....
I still can put on the smile because I know JESUS is with me..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Words~ Feeling~

Another month has come n passed....Its already Mid of February..
Valentine day has passed~

Although I was with you, You are in front of me..watching the tears come out from your eyes..
My heart still doubting those emotions that I could feel from you..

The wound never been healed, they are not scars...They bleed everyday...
Forgiving You is really hard for me..I doubt and feel suspicious everyday..
Jealousy always around me....Im tired my dear..
Im always2 wondering if our  relationship can last any longer..if our relationship can work out anymore..

I miss the old time where I had my confidence over our relationship...but now even You said that you love me..Im doubt the truth behind those words...

Although I already told you on what I feels about us..I still feel like is useless..
Since like you dont get it...

Deep in my heart..I know crying everyday is not the solution...yes~ Im have been thinking to leave you to solve this problem..but I never can do that...There so much memory between us...been thinking and praying everyday...hoping this will end soon before its too late...

I wish I could held your hand as long as I can...
Giving both of us another chance..
Truly hoping that you will not wasting the chance that I have given to you..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


2013, bad starting, but I know as time goes on, slowly It will change.
I just need to be patient and stronger..

2012..It teach me a lot of thing
I need to become stronger in order to survive in this world..
Im become more mature..
Rational and responsible.

In the month of November n December,
Jesus put me on test..I fall down,hurt myself,
It was painful..
De most beatiful experience but yet terrifying me
He also gave me de most wonderful thing in my life..
Im know I cant surrender..I have to pass this test..
A man told me this
"When U feel n thought u in pain.remember that Jesus suffered even more when He carry His cross to the Golgota, He suffered the largest pain for us"
And I keep those words in my heart.keep praying n asking strength to moving on from Him
My heart feel more stronger n calm every time after my prayer.
I almost forget prayer is one of the sources of healing.

Althought I started my 2013 so badly, I have confidence that I can overcome it

"Jesus always walk with side by side,He never leave us. He is our best friend"
By keeping those in my mind..I know I will doing better and better...

Friday, March 9, 2012


Last monday I cut my fringe or bangs..N I totally in  with this cutting..
It makes my face look fact I think this kind of hair cut make me look more chubby..
So dis is de look..

Im sorry dis pic kinda blur..Dis picture taken using my webcam...aiyo~ is not very clear..
So this is how I look like for now..
As u ol know, hairstyle n hair colour can make a huge difference on our appearance..
A lighter colour of hair may brighten up ur complexion n making u appear more younger than u supposed to be...
Since I never dyed my hair other than dark brown so I cant show u..
But other than hair colour our hairstyle n haircut also affect our appearance..
This is the prove..

So that are my 2 fav pic when Im having bob hair cutting...What u think abt this look?
N here my another 2 take on my long2 hair...

Im sorry 4 de 1st pic on my long hair..that oily face...ugly..but still cute ryte?? Kikiki~~
When compare the 3 look dat I have shows u..wat u guys think of it??
Im looking forward on wat u  think about it..
Just comment below dis post..I will reply u guys..
So GTG now..
Enough 4 dis sntry..
Till de next post..BYE~ N HAVE A NICE WEEKEND~ ^^


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